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Our tutors are thoroughly evaluated for their personal identity, academic and teaching experience. We Judge the tutors on their merits alone. We believe in Quality of Teaching which differentiates us from others. That is why, we say: Beyond Tutoring.
We undertake each and every assignment with equal amount of sincerity whether it is small (teaching 1st  class student) or big assignment (training for Competitions - IIT, PMT etc.) .We personally match our best tutor to your teaching assignment before suggesting you the same.
We Offer one hour free demo session* to let you yourself evaluate our tutor (* - Free demo session of 1 hour will be charged if you satisfied and you decide to continue with the same tutor and will not be charged if your child is not satisfied). If, for whatever reason, your tutor doesn't meet your requirements, we'll provide you another one.

Your first lesson
We always recommend learning in a quiet environment so that tutor and tutee can work without disturbance.
It is helpful to consider exactly what you want to achieve from your lessons, and to explain this to the tutor. The tutor may want to talk through your motivation for studying the subject in question, and may do some exercises with you to ascertain your skill level so far - don't be bashful, you're not supposed to be able to be an Einstein yet!
Ultimately, the first lesson is an opportunity to gauge your rapport with the tutor and their teaching style. Don't be afraid to ask your tutor to raise or ease the pace or difficulty of lessons; equally, if you would like to change anything about the lessons (direction, structure, etc) just mention it to your tutor.

As your Tutorial Sessions Progress

  • If you would like to change anything about the sessions (content, structure) just mention it to your tutor.
  • Help other parents and tutees by providing feedback about your tutor.

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For Students | Call at 8860601456 :: Mera Home Tutors
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For Students | Call at 8860601456 :: Mera Home Tutors
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For Students | Call at 8860601456 :: Mera Home Tutors
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