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How it Works

Find Home Tutors In Delhi and Gurugram
Identify Needs

Our Education Counselor notes your requirement and understand your specific needs. We identify student's learning profile and personality in mind.

Find Home Tutors In Delhi and Gurugram
Selection of Tutor

On the basis of student's learning profile and personality, we select best tutor who is qualified ,experienced and has proven track record of best result.

Find Home Tutors In Delhi and Gurugram
Arrange Demo

We schedule demo class at your place. If you do not like demo, we will replace tutor.

Find Home Tutors In Delhi and Gurugram
Start Learning

Start learning and track your progress, Once perfect tutor is matched, schedule classes, start learning and track student’s progress.

Home Tutor for Academics

  • Find Home Tutors In Delhi and Gurugram
    All Classes

    Find Tuitions from Class KG to 12th

  • Find Home Tutors In Delhi and Gurugram
    All Boards

    Tutors available for CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE and State Boards

  • Find Home Tutors In Delhi and Gurugram
    All Subjects

    Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Science, English, Account, Economics etc.

Home Tutor for Competitive Exams

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    SSC,Bank PO,UPSC etc

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Find Home Tutors In Delhi and Gurugram

Why Mera Home Tutor

Find Home Tutors In Delhi and Gurugram
Best and Result Oriented Tutors

We select the full time tutors through test process and their result record of last five years including their feedback from Parents.

Find Home Tutors In Delhi and Gurugram

We Judge the tutors on their merits alone. We employee only Full Time Tutors and conduct reference checks (qualification and experience) on all our tutors so you can choose them with confidence.

Find Home Tutors In Delhi and Gurugram
Customized Learning

Tutor can customize lessons and present concepts in engaging easy - to - understand ways.

Find Home Tutors In Delhi and Gurugram
Improved Performance

Your performance improves as you can learn more effectively & efficiently as the teaching style is tailored to you.

Find Home Tutors In Delhi and Gurugram
One Stop Search

Find home tutors, school tuitions, competetive exams, all subjects & boards.

Find Home Tutors In Delhi and Gurugram
Feed Back and Reviews

We regularly monitor performance of each tutor and always look to your feedback to make it better.

Find Home Tutors In Delhi and Gurugram

Beyond Tutoring

  • Our Tutor provides proper guidance to their students whenever they require, find easiest ways to solve their queries, assist them to complete their projects given in their schools and colleges, make them strong in their weak fields.
  • Our Tutor develops interest in their students who are weak in some particular subjects. He finds different modules and methods to create involvement of students in their targeted subjects and topics.
  • The work of our home tutor does not end with his subject, his work ends when a student becomes a good human being while getting growth in Academics.

Why Home Tuitions

In old age, people learned in a one-to-one environment for thousands of years. In current times home tuition is building upon this ages-old tradition.

The student’s needs are concentrated on fully, meaning any specific questions or misunderstandings they may have are not lost in the tumult of classroom dynamics.

You or your child will increase in confidence, enjoyment and motivation in the subject and develop personal discipline that can be applied to any subject.

Our large staff of Teachers/mentors includes graduate and post-graduate professionals, high school teachers and university faculty who teach in wide ranging subjects from elementary through college levels in a professional way with personal touch who can discover the students strengths and challenges in learning. We are committed to helping students succeed in their education.


  • A good home tutor offers the following benefits.
  • The child would feel more open to discussing doubts with a private tutor at home particularly if he or she shies to raise the question in front of the peers at the school or coaching center.
  • Private tutors provide customized worksheets and homework activities.
  • Improvement in Grades
  • The teacher can understand your child’s learning style and tailor the teaching methods accordingly.
  • Personalized Attention
  • Improvement in conceptual understanding of subjects
  • Regular Tests help to improve the performance
  • The teacher can analyze the strength and weaknesses of the student.

Every child has a different capability and capacity. In-home tuition, the teacher can work on the weaknesses of the student. Student’s performance improves as the student can learn more effectively & efficiently as the teaching style is tailored to the child.

A Good home tutor can easily figure out problematic areas of the student within 4-5 classes and guide the student to avoid further mistakes. Home Teacher encourages their students to unlock their potential and motivate them to become confident test-takers.

  • In-home tuition, the teacher is coming to your door. In the coaching center, a lot of time wasted in walking down to the coaching center.
  • In-home tuition, a student is under constant observation which is not possible with coaching centers.
  • Your child can study at your own pace however this is not the case with coaching centers.

Home tuition has a great impact on student’s performance, thus parents/students are looking for the right tutors who can unleash their child’s true learning potential. You can find some of the best teachers by checking the tutor’s profile on Mera Home Tutor.

Yes, most of the teachers listed at Mera Home Tutor offer a free demo class. This helps the Child in getting acquainted with the teaching methodology of the tutor and making sure if it matches their precise needs.

Till 8th Standard, usually, teachers offer coaching in all subjects however parents can hire a tutor for a specific subject also. In higher classes, it is better to find an expert in the subjects that you need help with. Here are some of the popular subjects however we provide tutors for all subjects. Mathematics,Physics, Chemistry,English,Biology,Hindi,Economics, Science, Accountancy, Computer Science, Business Studies,Information Practices, Political Science, History

Yes, most of the home tutors are providing in-house classes despite Coronavirus (COVID-19). You can contact the best teacher from the list and inquire about this.

Apart from CBSE, ICSE, and IGCSE, We provide IB Tutors for all Subjects and grades. You can find some of the best teachers by checking the IB tutor’s profile on Mera Home Tutor. Here we have listed some of the popular subjects. IB Maths Tuition, IB Physics Tuition, IB Chemistry Tuitions, IB Biology Tuitions, IB Economics

I hired home tutor from Mera Home Tutor in 2005.I live in Indirapuram and my child goes to a reputed school in Indirapuram. I liked the tutor, he was well-qualified and experienced, since then whenever there is a requirement of tutor whether it is Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Science or languages like French or German, I contact Mera Home Tutor and would like to recommend to others as well.

Prakash Sharma
Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

Way back in 2010, l hired the tutor for Economics from Mera Home Tutor, now recently l hired tutor for my younger daughter for10th standard Maths and Science. We are also taking online tuition classes and coaching from them. They value relationship and their tutors are qualified, experienced & verified.

I was searching for IB Math tutor and was not able to find a good one, finally l came across Mera Home Tutor and they had provided a good tutor now l am hiring lB Physics and IB Chemistry for my child.

Akhilesh Singh

Mera Home Tutor is serving well. I hired the Chemistry for IGCSE Board, tutor was good and true professional and fee was reasonable.

Mera Home Tutor is providing professional tutor with good communication skill. They provided tutor for my eighth class child, studying at ICSE Board School, since then child is improving a lot. We have observed quite a lot change in his performance at school.

I was looking for Class 12 CBSE Physics tutor in sector 50 Noida for my child, getting Physics tutor was smooth sailing for me. My child had shown great improvement and he scored 98 % marks in Physics. Apart from teaching, Tutor provided test papers, important questions for exam point of view.

l hired tutor from Mera home Tutor ,Tutor used customized teaching method that brought lot of change to my child , and his score at school exam improved dramatically. Thank you Mera Home Tutor.

I was looking for online tutor for mathematics and physics during the search i came across Mera Home Tutor that they are providing online tuition classes’ and one to one classes. My experience was excellent and satisfying with them.

Hitesh Bajpai

If one is looking for teacher jobs or school jobs, Mera Home Tutor have lot of vacancies for tutors, and their service is best and satisfying.

Abhay Anand

I would like to recommend Mera Home Tutor if you are looking for home tutor jobs and school teacher jobs.

Asish Bharadwaj