Faq - For Students

Q - What is www.merahometutor.com?

A – www.merahometutor.com (a unit of VGrow Networks PVT LTD) is an online platform where parents, students, and home tutors can effortlessly connect. We provide our services in India and abroad. We provide qualified, experienced, professional, and verified tutors in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Banglore. We also provide online tutors in India and abroad. We have more than 20000 home tutors and online tutors. We have served more than 25000 parents and students in India , USA, Canada and UK. Apart from tutoring services, we also provide other professional services such as Career guidancehome work assignment, activity flashcards, and free NCERT Study Material.

Q - I am a Parent looking for a home tutor or online tutor for my child. How can I contact you?

A- It is very simple to get in touch with us! You can simply post your query at our website and one of our team members will contact you within 2 to 3 hours regarding your tuition requirements. Alternatively, you can also call us or WhatsApp us at 88 60 60 1 456 to discuss your tuition requirements. We usually arrange for a teacher in 24 hours.

Q - How do I use this website to find a home tutor or online tutor?

A - Simply go to the Search Tutors section on our website, and then select your city, location, subject, and class you or your child want to be tutored in. Our database will immediately present you with a list of qualified home tutors and online tutors that best suits your tuition requirement. You can visit the tutor’s profile and can view the details of the tutors' such qualifications, teaching experience, etc.
If you don’t want to go through so many profiles, we can find a good tutor which fits in your requirement. All you need to do is just post your query here  or Whatsapp Us at 88 60 60 1456 and one of our team members will contact you soon to discuss your requirements. And Our team will immediately arrange a free demo class for your child.

Q - What is the cost of hiring a home tutor?

A - All the teachers listed on our website set their fees. Fee depends upon many factors such as the experience of the teachers, Qualification, teaching quality, and teaching methodology.

Q - Do I need to pay something to post a tuition requirement at www.merahometutor.com?

A - No! You don't need to pay anything to post your tuition requirement.

Q - What do I do once I find a home tutor?

A - Once you have selected a home tutor or online tutor that may be fit for you, go through their reviews and profile carefully and contact us at 88 60 60 1456. Also, you can note down the list of questions you may like to ask such as the background of the teacher, teaching style, hours of availability, where the tutoring will take place, references, teaching experience, tutoring fees, etc.

Once you are satisfied with the tutor, contact us to schedule a free one-to-one trial class with the tutor for home tuitions.

Q - Will I get a demo/trial class before I commit to full-time tuition?

A - Yes, once we have selected a perfect home tutor or online tutor for you or your child that matches your tuition requirement, we will organize a free demo/trial session with the tutor at your preferred location. If you like the trial/demo session and if you want to continue with the same teacher then we will collect the first-month tuition fee in advance. In case, If you do not like the demo/trial session, we will find a new tutor for you.

Q - Do you verify your home tutors listed on your website?

A- Mera Home Tutor is committed to providing you only the best home/online tutor. To ensure this, our teachers go through a very stringent process. Only one in eight tutors who apply make it on to our platform and you can choose the best match for your child. We Judge the tutors on their merits alone. We employ only Full-Time Tutors and conduct reference checks (qualification and experience) on all our tutors so you can choose them with confidence. However, to ensure more safety, parents are advised to take ID proof and Address proof of the tutor before hiring them.

Q - Where does the tutoring take place?

A- If you are taking In-person tutoring, it will take place at parent’s home. If the person being tutored is under 18, it is strongly suggested that a parent/guardian is present during the tutoring sessions for safety reasons. If you are taking online classes, it will be done through an efficient online system.

Q - Do I need to pay the tuition fee in advance?

A - We take first-month tuition fee in advance and the tutor is paid after the monthly sessions are over. We will issue the receipt of the fee paid to you as well as to the tutor. This brings us a commitment from both sides. We do not support or encourage any direct payment to tutor, as that could lead to a potential fraud and we do not take any responsibility for such payments. (This is only for the first-month fee payment.)

Q - How can I make the payment of first-month tuition fee?

A - Initial month fee can be paid using 3 ways:

1. You can pay the fee online on our website here using the secure payment gateway.

2. You can provide cheque ( To VGrow Networks Pvt. Ltd.).

3. We can send our executive to collect the payment.

Q - Is my money safe?

A - Yes, the fee paid by you is safe and secure with us (To VGrow Networks Pvt. Ltd.). We will issue the receipt of the fee paid to you.

Q - What if I do not like the trial/Demo class?

A - In case, if you do not like the trial/demo class, we will arrange a new home tutor/ online tutor for you that matches your tuition requirement.

Q - What if the tutor discontinued the tuition classes in between?

A – Once the tuition classes begin, if you want to change the tutor, either we will find a new tutor for you that matches your tuition requirement or we will refund the balance amount of first-month tuition fee paid by you (To Vgrow Netwroks Pvt. Ltd. By Cheque/Online) after deducting the money for tuition classes already taken. 

Q - What is the payment mode for tuition fees?

A – It is online in the first month. After that payment method for tuition fee is up to the individual tutor.

Q - Can I have an ID proof of home tutor for verification purposes?

A - To build a high level of trust, www.merahometutor.com  always suggests parents and students ask for a valid ID and address proof of the teacher before hiring them.

Faq - For Tutors

Q - What is www.merahometutor.com?

A – www.merahometutor.com (a unit of VGrow Networks PVT LTD) is an online platform where parents, students, and home tutors or online tutors can effortlessly connect. If you love to teach, we can find your next big tuition job that fits your skills, favorable location, class, and subjects.

Q - How can I register myself as a home tutor or online tutor on your website?

A – you can visit our website and register here. And you can start applying for tutor jobs.

Q - Is tutor registration free?

A - Yes, the online teacher registration is absolutely free of cost.

Q - I just registered as a home tutor or online tutor on your website. What should I do next?

A- Great! You have taken the first step towards growing your career as a home tutor. Now complete your profile and it will be approved by our team. As soon as your profile is approved, you can apply for the jobs. But to get demo class and start teaching, you have to upgrade yourself to premium membership.

Q - What are the benefits of 100% complete profile? How can i make my profile 100% complete?

A- At www.merahometutor.com, we always motivate our tutors to complete maximum sections of their profile and make it 100% complete. Tutors with complete profiles have a greater chance to get demo class and hired by parents for tuition jobs.

To complete your profile, visit your profile dashboard.

Q - Can I change my preferred locations and subjects I want to teach after registration?

A – Yes, you can change your preferred locations and subjects at any point in time. It is important to keep your profile updated, to receive the right kind of information.

Q - What should I write in the About Me section of my profile?

A – This is the place where you can market yourself. You can explain your teaching methodology, skills, experience, and subject expertise.

Q - How can I get a verified badge in my profile? What are the benefits of it?

A. To get a verified badge, you have to upgrade yourself to premium membership. Premium member helps to get more opportunities and increases profile visibility.

Advantage of verified badge.

· Improves credibility among students and parents.

· Improves the visibility of your profile and get more tuitions job.

· Helps your profile stand out from the crowd.

Q - As a free member, will I get any tuition inquiry?

A – Yes as a free member you will receive the notifications of tuition queries but to start tutoring you have to become a premium member.

Q - How to search and apply for tuition jobs?

A - You can search for the recent tuition jobs here and start applying on the tutor jobs which suit your skills, nearby location, level, and subjects.

Q - Can I view the list of jobs that I have applied for using your website?

A - Yes, you can see the list of applied jobs on your profile dashboard..

Q - Will I get tuition job inquiries through SMS and Email?

A - Yes, you will receive the notifications on your registered mobile number and E-mail.

Q - I am not getting SMS/Email alerts. What should I do?

A - This may perhaps happen if your mobile number and email id are not verified with us. Get in touch with us at 88 60 60 1456.

Q - Do I need to pay to start teaching?

A - Yes, you have to subscribe to our Premium Membership to start tutoring.

Q - What is the procedure of Premium Membership verification?

A - for the premium membership you have to upload the following documents at our website at the tutor registration.

  • Address Proof
  • ID Proof
  • Class 10th Marksheet
  • Latest Education Certificate

After verification, you are good to go for teaching. Verification is done to ensure that the right kind of tutors joins our platform.

Q - If I register as a premium member, do you guarantee that I will get students to teach?

We have several students and parents who are looking for the perfect home tutor for them and they are constantly using our service. As a premium member, you will be provided with the high-quality tuition jobs and we will connect you with more students/parents for a trial class, but we do not guarantee that you will get the tuitions. This will totally depend upon your profile, your performance in a trial class, teaching ability, and skills.

We ensure that you’ll get all available tuition inquiries and get hired for the job because once you get hired, we get another satisfied customer.

Q - What other benefits will I get as a paid or premium tuition teacher?

As a premium tuition teacher, you will get the following benefits:

· High-quality tuition jobs in your preferred location

· Fast communications, more tuition jobs, increased earnings

· Email and SMS notification of new tuition jobs

· Our Customer Service Associate will assist you with the initial process of arranging one to one demo session with the student.

· We will handle payments with the parent for the initial month to make sure you get paid on time

· Maximum exposure of your profile in our search results

Q - Is it mandatory to upload documents for verification?

A - Yes, it is mandatory to upload documents for membership verification. This is done to ensure that all the information you have provided has been successfully verified by us.

Q - When and how I get paid for tuition?

A - You will be paid after the monthly tuition sessions. We will collect the first month's tuition fees in advance from parents and will give it to you after completion of your first month's tuition (for the initial month only).

Q - What if I am not selected in the trial/demo class?

A - Don’t be disappointed if you are not selected in the demo class. There are lots of opportunities are waiting for you. You can visit the latest tuition jobs page and apply here. But you should prepare yourself for the next demo class.

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Q - What are the payment methods?

A - We make payment through online transfer.

Q - How can I renew my membership with www.merahometutor.com?

A - To renew your membership, Click Here.