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I love reading books. I have not read many books. I read a very limited number of books but


luckily I came across really nice books.


I would say that I have read life-changing books of all time.


Here I have discussed the top 6 books to read in India.


Books are very important in our life.


With the help of books, we can learn about the whole life of that person.  Read more

Many students and parents ask me that is NCERT enough for the class 12 physics board exam?

Or they should follow some othe ....

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Best Math And Science Teachers In Ghaziabad


At Mera Home Tutor, we have a comprehensive criterion on how we rate teachers. Along with the tenure and educational background, we also consider many other aspects that help us grade the tutor over a period of time. We have created a list of the best Math and Science tutors in Ghaziabad based on many factors. 


The first criteria to select a tutor at Mera Home Tutor is based on our first inter ....

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When it comes to the education of our children, we don’t want anything lesser than the best which lies within our means. We often ponder upon which school to choose for our kids that would impart the good education and lay a strong foundation for their future. In recent scenarios, parents come to the crossroads where they need to choose not only the school but also what board the education institution is associated with. If not the CBSE, parents often face the dilemma whether to go for ....

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Posted on 2020-09-08

Worksheets are helpful?

Do worksheets add values in teaching?

What is the importance of worksheets?

I am teaching mathematics for the last 10 years. I use maths worksheet to teach students. I use worksheets for active learning and supplement extra information that is not available in textbooks.

Worksheets are great teaching resources. And I found that worksheets help to improve the result of the students. ....

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Posted on 2020-09-08

Top 75 universities are ranked on the following factors:

Peer Review Score

Placement Score

Staff/Student Score

Citations/Staff Score

International Staff Score

1              Harvard University

2              University of Cambridge

3           ....

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Lockdown has changed our life. If you are a home tutor and you don't know how to teach online , it is going to be a very challenging time for you.

Every home tutor facing some challenging questions such as

How to teach online?

What are the tools to teach online?

Are these too ....

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Being an optimist it can be said that each and every student should try to get into any prestigious institute like IIT but is it realistic? 

Is it possible that “branded” coaching centre can help students to get into IIT?  Many parents and students think that their child may be weak in studies but getting admission into a “branded “coaching centre will ensure admission into IIT. But the truth is “branded” coaching centre can guide stude ....

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Home tutoring has become popular among the students over the last decade as it provides personal attention to the students. These days home tutors have became indispensible given busy lifestyle of parents.  Earlier students used to have home tutors for Mathematics and Science but these days students are seeking the help of home tutors in all subjects including commerce and humanities subject.

Therefore, Parents and students are looking to find professional and ....

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Online tutoring is becoming popular after the digital revolution. High speed internet is now easily accessible in world class city like Dubai, Mumbai, Banglore and Delhi.


Many students are choosing online tutors to study subject like Mathematics and Science. There are various tools available to teach online tuition such as whiteboard, Skype and Google Hangout. 


Parents and students are looking to find professional and quality online tut ....

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