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Based on Research at Mera Home Tutor, we have concluded (based on the experience of more than 2000 Mathematics Teachers) that many of students have poor understanding of mathematical concepts even if they are getting good marks at school exam.

Upto class 10th, syllabus of mathematics is limited and familiar questions appears in exam which are already taken up by school teacher or mentioned in the curriculum, as students do same questions again and again as a result answers mugged up. Therefore such exams do not test the concept and fundamentals; in the end students remain weak in the subject.

In our research we have come across many students who having 10CGPA in 10th Class but they were struggling in Class 11 and their performance was below average. Why is this happening?

Our Research concluded that their fundamentals were weak and they were not able to handle vast syllabus due poor basics.

Once a student with poor concepts join class 11th or 12th standard, at this stage if student and parents both realize that child do not have strong fundamentals it is too late to recover.

Therefore our math experts have created this test to check the proper conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts at early stage of student’s life. Students from class 6th to 10th can take this test.

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