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Activity Flash Cards

Are you looking for ways to keep your child engaged? please go through activity Flashcards for kids. We have created entertaining flash card games and your child will love them. These flash card activities can help you at home to keep your kid away from TV and mobile and also helps children in learning preschool logic and concepts.

Activity Flashcards is one of the effective tools used in teaching kids these days. Activity flashcards are a convenient,creative and innovative way to teach the kids. Activity Flashcards are used to enhance vocabulary skills, math skills and memory. Activity Flashcards help kids remember things for long. And with children repetition is the key .

Kids love reading awesome pictures. They understand and remember things by sight. Flash card activities use all different pathways for kids to learn and play.

Fine motor activities help kids develop writing and self-care skills, gross motor builds confidence and fitness, sensory play allows kids to learn with all their senses, science activities spark curiosity, and games make learning fun!

Activity Flashcards are a great help for kids.Kids are visual learners so having a wide range of pictures really aids them to focus on the new words they are learning.

Activity flashcards include lots of vocabulary related games and activities that help children to learn easily. Activity Flashcards are compact and easy to carry around

What are the advantages of learning with activity flashcards?

  • You can begin to study at baby's birthday
  • To learn is simple & easy enough
  • Developing photographic memory, speed reading, and mathematics
  • Image cards help to break up the monotony of drilling
  • Multi-sensory and right brain stimulation
  • Activity Flashcards allow kids to learn anywhere at any time.

Why Mera Home Tutor Activity Flash Cards?

  • Helps Understanding of Concepts
  • Creative, Innovative and Conceptual Activity flash cards
  • Reusable and Durable Flash cards
  • Aid Expressing Feelings
  • Aid with communication
  • Offers a communication path way
  • Implement a Pictorial Daily routine
  • Providing a well defined structure for a kid

Numbers Flash Cards

Activity Flash Cards write wipe erase nursery

Logical Thinking

Activity Flash Cards write wipe erase nursery

Colours and Shapes

Activity Flash Cards write wipe erase nursery

Vehicles Flash Cards

Activity Flash Cards write wipe erase nursery

Fruits & Vagetables

Activity Flash Cards write wipe erase nursery

Body Parts

Activity Flash Cards write wipe erase nursery

Opposite Flash Cards

Activity Flash Cards write wipe erase nursery

Good Habits & Safety

Activity Flash Cards write wipe erase nursery

Alphabat Flash Cards

Activity Flash Cards write wipe erase nursery

Animals and Birds

Activity Flash Cards write wipe erase nursery

Community Helpers

Activity Flash Cards write wipe erase nursery

Seasons Flash Cards

Activity Flash Cards write wipe erase nursery

Fine Motor Skills

Activity Flash Cards write wipe erase nursery

Other Flash Cards

What is included in Activity Kit?

Kit includes 600+ Interactive, Reusable and Durable Flash Cards that covers Academic Topics, Logical Thinking, Problem Solving and other Brain Development Activities.
600+ Activity Flashcards
2 Erasable Markers
Star Sheets to Encourage
Coloring Sketch pen

FAQs on Activity Flash Cards

What Interactive Activities are included?
It includes total 600+ Activities with micro learning aim such as Seasons, Body Parts, Fruits and Vegetables, Logical Thinking, Tracing Patterns, Alphabet, Numbers, Animals, Birds, Fine Motor Skills, Shapes and Colours, Complex and Problem Solving Skills and many other Brain Development Activities. What is the Perfect Age to Start?
We have created different Interactive Kit for different age group students. We have following categories according to age.
1. 2 to 4 years
2. 4 to 5 years
3. 5 to 6 years
4. 6 to 7 years
Is kit Reusable?
Yes. Our Interactive Flash Cards are 350 GSM thick and are laminated and durable. Your child can do activity and can easily erase it.
All materials shown in the video are included in your kit?
Yes. Kit includes 600+ Interactive Flashcards, 2 Sets of Erasable Marker Pen, 1 Set of Color Sketch-Pen and Star Sheets.
Is there any holder for Activity Flash Cards?
Yes, we provide durable high quality folder, in which you can safely put all your Interactive flashcards and material.
What is the delivery time?
Usually we deliver your kit within 5 to 10 working days, but due to Covid-19 issues , delivery may take around 7 to 15 working days.
Do you have Return Policy?
Yes, if there is any defect, then we will replace the kit. Make sure you read Return Policy Here.
How can I purchase Activity Kit?
You can make the online payment. We also accept PayTM and bank transfer. Get in touch with our sales team to know more.

Activity Flash cards for 2 to 4 Year Kids

₹ 1150/- (Early Bird)

till 30th June only.

Activity Flash cards for 4 to 6 Year Kids

₹ 1250/- (Early Bird)

till 30th June only.

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